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Find a Church Champion

  • Each church's pastor will nominate someone as a church champion to coordinate the ministry for your church. 
  • Typically, the champion has a mental health background or strong interpersonal abilities and spiritual maturity.
  • To become a helper for a church, individuals can be nominated by a church champion with pastoral oversight.

Screening for Helpers

  • New Helpers should begin the registration with The Church Cares with their church's registration process.  Talk with the champion about how to register.
  • After being nominated, helpers will be screened to determine their suitability for the role.
  • Click here to download our screening template for helpers  
  • Your church may have additional screening and requirements for helpers.
  • This process helps to ensure that the most qualified and capable individuals are selected to serve as helpers for the church.​

Screening for Seekers

Helper Training Process 

  • The helpers complete their first training online with 7cups. 
  • Then, helpers will complete some training as a group with their church to build support and community. 
    • The Church Cares offers the training materials for your church. Contact us to request it.​
  • Helpers then practice on each other to get used to the role or on volunteers from your community who are not in high need (your choice)
  • Initial training is focused on being a great listener and the ability to support seekers as they create good goals in keeping with Christian community wisdom.

Provide Care 

  • The helper and seeker would meet four-six times for personal care and spiritual support.
  • The champion provides support for helpers in their ministry role
  • The goal is to provide spiritual care, help the seeker create personal goals, find resources in the community, and engage with your church's ministry opportunities.

Church Group Help 

  • The church decides what longer-term support would fit that person- whether one or more of the following
    • natural existing ministry of the church (e.g., men's ministry or small group)
    • church-based support groups for general mental well-being
    • support groups for specific issues such as grief, substance abuse, or depression
    • referral to community resources 
  • Our team can provide resources for the church regarding these decisions and recommend programs for church-based support groups.

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